Preparation for Sale Every home requires preparation for a successful sale.  Before being listed and photographed, the home goes through a "washing machine" list, and often the list is long.  The transformation phase before a home sale (or rental)  is a service provided with expertise, and an eye for just the right 

Home UpgradesInterior and exterior spaces both come into focus with the home  consultation.  Liz is the house whisperer resource as she works with agent, owner, contractor, painter and trades to help bring desired outcomes for the home's new look.

HOMES EDITED ​From re-arranging existing furniture to purchasing what is needed in order to achieve the warmest style, Liz strives for the best style within the owner’s budget. Whether the home is a seaside cottage,  a vacation getaway, a country ranch house or a Tuscan villa, the  goal is to bring the home's most appealing theme to life.

   Pricing Upon Request

By Hour or Job

Simple Home Transformations Home upgrades, furnishing rearrangements,  purchases for a re-energized lifestyle, these are all part of her simple home transformations, accomplished in record time.

Vacation Rental to Home Sale PreparationFrom arranging the home for its best light, to editing the home for photographs,  Liz's arrangements have served countless home owners and vacation rental owners with expertise.  Her homes go quickly from blank spaces into architecturally eye-catching "wows," with the simplest solutions. 


​Concierge Home ServicesLiz will  meet your contractor or utility service, prepare the home with flowers and decor delights and see that it is locked after guests leave.  With concierge service for the home, this service is a step above.

Home Organization Consultation Every home move begins with a plan.  Years of accumulation and clutter storage come into focus, with the panic of  "Where to begin?"   Liz has assisted countless home owners with her moving expertise and decluttering simplifications.