PREPARING HOME FOR LISTINGS AND SALES  Every home needs preparations for a successful sale and the home must be refreshed before listing photographs are taken. The transformation phase of preparing a home for sale is is a service provides with warmth and style to help agents create success.

HOME UPGRADES AND FINISHING TOUCHES  Each element of the home’s surroundings becomes the focus in order to show the best features of interior spaces.  The artful consultation is a contractor's dream assistant. 

HOMES EDITED From re-arranging existing furniture to purchasing what is needed in order to achieve the warmest style, our service strives for the best of style within the owner’s budget. Whether a seaside cottage,  a vacation getaway, country ranch house or a Tuscan Villa, our goal is to bring the home's simplest, most appealing features to life.

   Pricing Upon Request

By Hour or Job

SIMPLE HOME TRANSFORMATIONS  Home upgrades, furnishing rearrangements and purchases for a cozy lifestyle indoors or out are the goals.

IN-HOME STAGING AND PROPERTY MANAGEMENT  From arranging to showing the home in the best light, Liz's successful move-in staging assignments for the past seven years served 20 successful home sales, and delighted agents and homeowners alike.   Within 24-hours of move-in,  her homes were transformed from blank spaces to architecturally eye-catching "wows."  


SECOND HOME SERVICES Someone to meet your contractor or utility service, or to prepare the home with flowers and decor delights and to see that it is locked after guests leave.  With concierge service for the second home, Liz's property management is a step above.

SENIOR DOWNSIZING  Every family is faced with the need to help their seniors in the downsizing phase of their lives.  Making a small space into cozy magic and helping seniors feel at home in their environments is truly an art.  Liz's Mother lived to be 100-years old and was downsized no fewer than six times in her last few years. Aging parents deserve comfort and familiarity.  Liz's guidance has given strength to many local seniors.