Liz is an ASP Accredited Staging Professional and furnishings placement artist, a realtor, a contributing writer to news publications on the subject of re-purposing homes, moving into and out of them, with a blog of photos at

Liz's staging grew out of a love of homes she has lived in and renovated.  She joined Sotheby‚Äôs International Realty Santa Monica & Malibu in 2005 and entered the world of residential home sales from West Los Angeles to Malibu. She co-founded Home Design Doctors in Pacific Palisades. focusing on timeless interior design for listings, sales and home upgrades.

Liz collaborated with Showhomes Monterey in 2011 and moved into and staged her first Monterey Peninsula home with her own furnishings to showcase her staged look. The Pebble Beach home sold quickly after standing empty for eight months on market. Her staging enabled the success and prompt sale of twenty additional live-in staged homes, bringing successful sales and staging expertise to her expanding service.

Liz has transformed over 450 listings for agents with successful results.  Her edits have shown the many ways furniture placement can make the difference. From replacing flooring to refreshing furniture, to adding shutters and taking away dated decor, to adding pergolas and flowering pots, her upgrades are invaluable assets to the successful sale.  She's the interior "whisperer" for homes celebrating success whether for sale, vacation rental or lifestyle enjoyment.

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La Quinta, California

Darien, Connecticut

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Bel Air, California

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Malibu 747 Wing House

Moondoggie's Beach House, Malibu

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